Welcome to Crowns! A median city-state about a half day's walk from the Shores of the Dreaming Sea. The city has a long and dedicated history as an independent entity, stretching back to the Contagion. Beset on all sides by rivals like Champoor and Volivat, and Empires like the Ixcoatli and Prasad, surrounded by the littered remains of history going still further back; Crowns is a place to explore, uncover, and delve into.

Enjoy your stay!

Table Rules and Storyteller Limitations

  1. Respect the other players. At this table it is defined in three ways, rule number one is: do not interrupt. Obviously, interruptions will need to happen for the sake of drama; be respectful about those, if we're imagining the craziness of this venue, we can rewind the footage a few seconds in our head.
  2. Respect the other players. Rule two is that we do not silence the other players at the table. Everyone is permitted to speak within the flow of conversation, and we should be willing to listen to what they have to say. The corollary to this is a respect for the game enough to keep on topic.
  3. Respect the other players. No phones. We have a physical book and a tablet with the PDF will be provided as well, in consideration of the size of the book. Be present in the game, or don't bother. If you need to pass notes, use paper.
  4. Things the ST will NOT do: use Children. If there is a child in the game and the situation is unsafe, that is not a child. If you make a safe situation unsafe, the children will be whisked away; I will attempt to work within the narrative, but if a player pushes, I am happy to break suspension of disbelief. You will always have the opportunity to save the children.
  5. Things the ST will NOT do: Sexual Assault. I find no compelling reason for its usage in a narrative. I can appreciate the narratives that are built up from the aftermath of it, and if you want that in your story then you will definitely need to consult me. I can be flexible, but it will never appear in the world beyond being a triumph for the victim to have overcome the trauma.
  6. Things the ST will NOT do: Remove Player autonomy over their characters. I may ask if I can interject a cool description of the scene that I just thought of, but the choice of how your character is presented at the table is not something that I define. Social Maneuvering is for your characters to use on NPCs; I will only use Social Maneuvering on PCs with the PCs consent (you can give blanket consent). Social Maneuvering between players will require the consent of both players to use the system against each other.

City of Sovereigns

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